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We are seeking investors to expand our cars business, if you are interested,  pls feel free to contact us and further discuss. 

About FUGO & CAR

We have begin our operation in automotive trading with base office in Hong Kong. We trade brand new cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche cayenne, Land Rover according to our customer interests, with providing full services from sourcing, purchasing a car to export and delivery to destination. We serve our customers in China and Hong Kong, usually offer cars on CIF basis and provide various payment options of full payment advance and or letter of credit. We also strive to develop long term relationships and business cooperation with our customers based on mutaul benefits. 

Left hand cars, we trade brand new cars export from USA, Europe, MiddleEast, that we can source and locate the cars, we can provide full services to purchase the cars, export documents ready, and also provide transportation and ocean freight to destination port. 

For right hand cars, we get cars from UK or Japan for Hong Kong market and other countries. We sell cars to car shops and individuals at lower cost. We can explain more our services to you upon your enquiry.

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